How To Make Your Own Stickers WhatsApp

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How To Make Your Own Whatsapp Stickers With Your Own Face Photos

How to make your own whatsapp stickers

How to make your own stickers. Applications that have been acquired by Facebook are indeed still a favorite of many people. From students to office workers use Whatsapp as a means of communication.

Quoted from Wikipedia, Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without SMS fees because WhatsApp Messenger uses internet data packages. WhatsApp Messenger is more popularly called Whatsapp or WA.

How To Make Your Own Stickers WhatsApp

How To Make Your Own Stickers WhatsApp

Already know yet that now you can use stickers available on the Whatsapp application easily and for free ?. A few months ago Whatsapp released its newest sticker feature. So, you can use various attractive stickers when chatting. How to make stickers in WA is also quite easy.

How to make your own stickers on WhatsApp

The presence of a sticker feature on Whatsapp makes this application more popular. There are various types of stickers that you can choose from. Even now there are stickers with pictures of your face or others that you can make yourself.

What is the difference between WA stickers and iPhone stickers, PicsArt, Snapchat, TikTok, or other imessage. And how to make your own stickers at home with your own photos. Let’s find out!

Even if someone sells, on Whatsapp you don’t need to buy stickers made by other people like the Line application. I also will not review how to make your own stickers to sell. You can get various stickers for free or make your own stickers as you wish.

How to make your own stickers on W is very easy. All you need is a few supporting applications such as a photo editing application and sticker uploader application. First, a photo editing application is used to erase the background of a photo, add other creations, add words, and so on. You can install the Background Eraser, PicsArt application, or other photo editing applications that are commonly used.

Second, for how to make a sticker on your Whatsapp you can install the Personal Sticker for Whatsapp application. This application aims to include photos that you have previously edited. Photos that have been edited, can be uploaded directly to Whatsapp through this application. You must provide at least 3 photos so the sticker package can be uploaded to WhatsApp. These stickers are different from stickers in general that use sticker paper.

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers:

1. First of all, you need at least three selfies because that is the minimum amount for a photo that is a sticker.

2. Then, erase the background of the photo and change its format to PNG so that it can have a transparent background. You can use the background eraser application which is widely available in the Play Store and App Store stores. For this example, in this tutorial, we are using MediaEncode Inc. Background Eraser application.

Erase The Background Of The Photo And Change Its Format To PNG

Erase The Background Of The Photo And Change Its Format To PNG

The process of removing background photos with the Background Eraser application. To make it easier to clean, it’s a good idea to take photos with a plain colored background, such as a wall.

3. Next, open the new application then select the “Eraser” icon and select the photo you want to tidy up. There are several tools, including an automatic tool that is very easy to use to remove a plain colored background. Make sure the background is erased evenly so that it can display properly on WhatsApp later.

4. When you have finished editing at least 3 of the photos above, click the checkmark at the top right, then the photo will be converted automatically into PNG format. Background Eraser provides tools to add text, but you can also use other applications, such as PicsArt to do this after removing the background of the photo.

5. Next, make sure WhatsApp has been updated to version 2.18 or newer to support the use of stickers. Open WhatsApp, then select the option to add emojis located to the left of the column to type a message. Then select the “Stickers” icon located to the right of the ‘GIF’ icon.

Select The Stickers Icon Located To The Right Of The GIF Icon

Select The Stickers Icon Located To The Right Of The GIF Icon

6. Next, the user will have a sticker display, such as the cup sticker that has been installed by default. On this page, select the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner to add your own stickers.

4. Users will be presented with a set of stickers that are recommended by WhatsApp. Scroll down until the text “Get more stickers”, select the option to add your own homemade stickers.

7. You will be escorted to the Play Store or App Store display which lists applications with the keyword “WAStickerApp”. In the list, select the Stukalov-made Personal Stickers for WhatsApp application then install it on the device. Personal Stickers for WhatsApp application and own face stickers that have been successfully added and can be used in chat.

Stukalov Made Personal Stickers For WhatsApp Application

Stukalov Made Personal Stickers For WhatsApp Application

8. Once installed, open the application. In the newly downloaded app’s display, several images will appear on the user’s cellphone, including the photo from the editing earlier. This application will only read images with the * .PNG extension.

9. Next, just select the “Add” button. Your selfies will also be imported into WhatsApp as a new set of stickers that can be used in conversation.

The following advantages of WhatsApp from other applications:

  1. The message is reliable and simple
  2. Send messages to friends and family using a telephone internet connection
  3. Has a group chat feature for up to 256 people at once
  4. Talk for free using Whatsapp voice and video calls
  5. There are Whatsapp Web and desktop features
  6. Security is guaranteed because it uses end-to-end encryption
  7. Share important moments in realtime with the default WA camera
  8. Photos and videos will be sent quickly even if you are on a slow connection
  9. There is a voice note feature
  10. Easily share documents up to 100MB
  11. It has a feature to send GPS locations. Not only in the form of a link but can be directly displayed
  12. Integrated into the system
  13. Has a certain status message. For example, a red clock when loading, a checkmark when sent to the network, a double checkmark if a message has been sent to a chat friend and a red cross if the message fails
  14. Have the broadcasts feature to personal or group chat
  15. delete messages or retract messages that have been sent
  16. Simple and lightweight
  17. There is a Whatsapp for Business feature
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