Stickers To Print On

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How To Make Your Own Stickers To Print On Easily

How To Make Your Own Stickers

Stickers to print on. In the following, we will provide you with how to make your stickers easily completely and accompanied by some supporting information that you can try and understand how to do.

Stickers To Print On

Stickers To Print On

How to make cheap custom stickers from vinyl and HVS paper using printer maker. Stickers are indeed a promotional tool as well as a decoration tool that is widely used by people in Indonesia, due to their various costs and most of them are quite affordable, as well as designs that can follow our creativity.

In general, we will leave the process of making stickers to the vendor or sticker printing service provider, especially if you want to print stickers in large quantities and/or in large sizes.

Starting from printing simple paper stickers to printing vinyl stickers that go through a cutting process, or what is commonly called cutting sticker, you can submit all of the work to the service provider.

But if you only want to print stickers with a small quantity and also a size that is not too large, the cost of printing through a printing service provider will usually be very expensive compared to printing yourself.

That’s why in this article we will give you the whole process of how to make your stickers that you can try to do so that you can reduce production costs quite significantly when compared to leaving work to a sticker printing service.

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The process of making stickers for digital printing

Before we give you how to print your stickers, it’s a good idea to know how the sticker printing process is commonly done at digital printing service providers so that you get a better picture of the procedure.

The Process Of Making Stickers For Digital Printing

The Process Of Making Stickers For Digital Printing

In digital printing, sticker printing uses large size vinyl material, generally starting from A3 and above (A2, A1, etc.), adjusted to the capacity of the printing machine they have.

Initially, the sticker design will be adjusted on the computer using special software, or you can also use software like Coreldraw, Photoshop, and the like, which are usually adjusted to the size of the sticker paper to be printed.

After that, the printing process will run like a normal printing process that we generally do use a printer at home or office, the difference is the printer machine used and the print media.

Then the sticker that has been printed on the vinyl material will be given a laminate finish if necessary, and then put back in the plotter machine if cutting is needed.

This cutting process will usually be set using special software again via a computer to adjust the edges of the design which will later be plotted so that the cut lines can be formed.

With this description, of course, you can see that in the process of printing stickers at digital printing service providers, the tools needed are as follows.

Tools you needed to make your own sticker

  1. Computer
  2. Software for printing stickers
  3. Software for plotter/cutting
  4. Sticker printing machine
  5. Lamination machine
  6. Plotter machine

Of course, this does not include the necessary raw materials such as ink, then vinyl material for printing, and also the matte or glossy coating for lamination.

By knowing the sticker printing process that is commonly carried out at these digital printing service providers, you can predict what is needed if you want to make your stickers.

To make your stickers, of course, you don’t need to provide tools like those of digital printing services, but you can choose to use your inkjet or laser printer that you have at home or office, as well as some other simpler tools.

Therefore, we will provide several ways to make your stickers using methods that you can adjust to your budget or your needs so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on sticker printing needs that can be produced at a lower cost.

How to make your own stickers to print on easily

  • How to Make Your Own HVS Sticker

    First of all, we will start by providing a way to make HVS stickers yourself, which requires a lower cost than others, because of the low cost of raw materials and does not require a special printer.

What you need to prepare to include:

    1. A4 or higher inkjet or laser printer machines
    2. HVS material sticker paper A4 size and above
    3. Transparent sticker paper (optional)
    4. Scissors, cutters, and rulers
    5. Computers that have image editing software installed such as Coreldraw, Photoshop, and so on.

      How To Make Your Own Stickers To Print On Easily

      How To Make Your Own Stickers To Print On Easily

The steps for making the HVS sticker are as follows:

    1. Edit the sticker design on the computer using Coreldraw, Photoshop, and so on, also outline the sticker so that it is easy to cut.
    2. Make sure the inkjet or laser printer is connected to the computer and can print (the driver is already installed, can be used for regular printing)
    3. Print the design on a printer machine filled with HVS sticker paper
    4. At this point, you can immediately cut the sticker using an existing border pattern, or if you want it to last longer, you can cover it with a transparent sticker first before cutting.
    5. Make sure when coating the sticker with transparent material there are no bubbles and it is neatly attached.
    6. Cut the sticker according to the pattern that you have made.


For this method, you can also use ordinary HVS paper whose back (which is not printed) you cover with double-sided tape, but we do not recommend it because the durability will be different, and even if you do it this way, the surface should still be coated with a transparent sticker or laminate.

  • How to Make Your Vinyl Sticker

Furthermore, you can also make your vinyl stickers using an inkjet or laser printer that you have at home or in the office, which of course will cost more when compared to HVS stickers.

To make this vinyl sticker you need to prepare the following tools:

    1. A4 or higher inkjet or laser printer machines.
    2. Computers that have image editing software installed such as Coreldraw, Photoshop, and so on.
    3. Scissors, cutters, and rulers
    4. Special ink for printing on vinyl (when using an inkjet printer)
    5. Vinyl sticker material A4 size and above (look for something that can be used for an inkjet printer if you are using the printer machine)
    6. Transparent sticker sheet for coating (optional)

      How To Make Your Vinyl Sticker

      How To Make Your Vinyl Sticker

After you have prepared the equipment, the next steps that need to be done are as follows:

    1. Edit the design or image that you want to print on the computer using software such as CorelDraw and so on
    2. Make sure the printer is filled with special ink and the vinyl material has been put into the printer tray
    3. Also, make sure the printer is connected and can be used using a computer
    4. Print the sticker
    5. Wait for the ink to dry completely
    6. Cover and paste with a transparent sticker on the printed surface of the sticker if you want the result to be more durable
    7. Try not to have bubbles at the time of coating
    8. Cut the sticker according to the pattern using scissors or a cutter or other cutting tool


You can see that using the two methods is not too different, and the only difference is the raw materials that need to be prepared so that if you are used to printing and using graphic design software, of course, you will have no trouble doing it.

Tips for making your stickers

There are some tips that we can provide if you want to print your stickers, be it HVS stickers or Vinyl stickers, which are expected to improve the quality of the stickers you print, and you can even make them a small business opportunity at home or in a business place.

Some of these tips include the following:

  1. Test print results on plain paper
    The first tip is to always test your design on plain paper first before printing on the sticker material, the point of which is to make sure the design position is exactly what you want.
  2. Space the edges of the paper
    Try not to be too tight when setting up designs in Coreldraw and the like, and always leave a distance of about 3cm on the edges of the paper in the design you want to print, because the printing results may be smaller than what is seen in editing software.
  3. One Sheet for Multiple Stickers
    So that you don’t waste paper, especially if your sticker size is small, use one HVS paper or vinyl material to print lots of stickers at once, which of course can be done in the editing software you use.
  4. Use a Lamination Machine
    If you have more funds and want to open your printing service, you should invest in buying a special lamination machine so that it can be used to coat stickers neatly and also with better results, because you can use matte or glossy lamination as needed, and you don’t need it anymore. use transparent stickers.
  5. Investing in Printer Machines and Ink
    You should also invest in a better and better quality printer machine, although you don’t need to use a printer that is A3 size and above, or you can also use even better ink so that the print looks sharper and doesn’t fade easily.


  1. A sticker is indeed a design and promotion tool that can display unlimited creativity, and indeed it is very natural that various groups are interested, with various purposes and needs.
  2. Although generally, printing stickers is easier when using digital printing service providers, we can also relax and just leave the work to them.
  3. However, if what you need is a sticker with a small quantity and small size, then making your sticker at home or in the office is more advisable, because the production costs will be cheaper.
  4. Whether it’s stickers that use HVS paper or Vinyl material, you can print everything yourself as long as you have sufficient equipment such as a printer machine, paper or sticker material, and also cutting tools such as scissors or cutters.
  5. You can read some of our discussions about stickers and other offline marketing tools such as various types of banners and their functions, what are the differences between flyers and brochures, then we also provide some business card design tips and many other discussions that you can read.
  6. Hopefully, the article on how to make your stickers that we provide can help you reduce the cost of making the stickers you want, as well as additional information and even open new business opportunities that you can try.
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